Make the Most of Spring Break with these Awesome Travel Tips


Spring Break can be an amazing experience, but also it can be a nightmare if you’re not prepared. Here are some tips that will make that your spring break as easy as pie.

Look into getting a Global Entry. It’s a U.S. Customs and Border Protection program that lets you cut all immigration and customs lines, get TSA pre-check every time, and skip the paperwork when leaving or entering a country. The service costs $100 for five years and you can apply by filling out an online survey and then scheduling an in-person interview at your local enrollment center.

If you are using Airbnb, be wary of hosts who are slow to respond, ask for payment upon arrival, in cash exchanges (against Airbnb rules), and obviously negative reviews. If issues arise, contact Airbnb within 24 hours to put holds on payments. They have pretty good customer service. If you’re staying at a traditional hotel, websites such as Trip Advisor are very helpful in choosing the right spot to stay.

Before your trip, contact your credit-card company’s fraud department with the dates and locations you will be visiting. Even trips in another state, you may risk having your card frozen as the result of a fraud alert.

Pack efficiently. Don’t bring unnecessary clothes because you “might” wear it. Pack only those things you know you will wear in the environment you’ll be. On my beach vacations, 60% of my suitcase are bikinis lol. Bikini life for me! Don’t forget a fabric refresher spray to help keep clothes fresh for re-wearing. No one wants to lug around heavy suitcases and pay overweight bag airline costs.

Use ziplock bags to for certain toiletries that may leak (have you seen how they handle your bags at the airport?). No one wants their entire contents of their suitcase doused in Channel No 5!

Creating a playlist that is a soundtrack of your trip may make it all that sweeter. Perhaps Jimmy Buffet for that Caribbean beach vacation?

Using apps like Wunderlist may help organize your trip so it’s more efficient than constantly wasting time of figuring out what to do. Less sitting in the hotel room to figure things out and more adventure is the key to vacation happiness.

Print out maps and note points of interests and activities and their locations before you leave. Perhaps you can even check off some items on your bucket list.

Buy an unlocked travel phone and buy a SIM card at your destination. Sometimes you can get a good about of talk time, texts and data for as little as $5. If you can’t do that, check to see if your phone provider has international roaming plans. Trust me, you’ll want it even if you use your phone a little bit. Roaming charges are high and add up very quickly.

Don’t forget a good camera. If your cell phone has a good one, that can work. If not, there are plenty of small-lightweight point and shoot cameras (get a waterproof one for those beach vacations). Upload all your pics of the day in case you loose the camera so you don’t loose all the pictures you have taken.

In certain countries be careful of drinking tap water (even to brush your teeth). In less developed countries, sticking with bottled water for drinking and brushing your teeth is the smart move. No one wants to spend their vacation hovered over the toilet feeling ill for hours.

Lastly, leave for your vacation in a good happy state of mind. Especially if you are going with that special someone or anyone else. No one wants a party pooper with them. You’re spending all this money and time on a vacation, make sure you get a high happiness and fun return on your investment!